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Thanks for visiting Rosalilium – a lifestyle blog by a 30-something Brit with a penchant for travel, food, fashion and interiors.

I’m Elizabeth and welcome to my online space.

Here you will find all manner of topics including, but not exclusive to, food, fashion, thrifting, interiors, beauty, travel and daily life.

By day I am a freelance digital dabbler specialising in blogging, social media management, training and consultancy.

I also run Awesome Wave, a joint travel blog with my fiancé, the Blogging Bootcamp e-course and I run the Blognix blogger’s conference.

I started Rosalilium back in 2010 but have been blogging since 2008 with a now-unavailable travel blog. I have been compelled to share for many years now and have become somewhat decent enough at this creating content malarky.

Blogging has, without a doubt, changed my life. It has pushed me to learn new skills, grow in confidence and connect with loads of new people. I am a huge advocate of blogging and the potential it has.

Rosalilium is now a space where I attempt to navigate my 30s whilst seeking to live in a creative, intentional and meaningful way.

The nitty-gritty

Likes: travelling and outings, picnics, cats, fresh coffee, bacon, Southeast Asia, margaritas, photography, cooking, post-it notes, scented candles, pretty dresses, thrifting at car boot sales, infusing vodka, the great British countryside, twitter chats and daisies.

Dislikes: cheese, bananas, bad manners, hairdressers who chop off too much hair, soap operas, horror films, middle lane drivers, strawberry-flavoured sweets, long winters, people using lol as punctuation, bits in orange juice, beef (we’re a Hindu household).

Kissing Elephants

Because official type folks ask for this sometimes…

Official Bio

This is a lifestyle blog by award-winning Blogger, Elizabeth Sellers.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth started blogging in 2008 when she embarked on her life-changing travels around Southeast Asia. Two trips, a fieldwork expedition and a Masters degree later she had caught the blogging bug and started Rosalilium. As she continued to blog she grew passionate about her craft and she is now a Freelance Blogger and Social Media Consultant.

In the past few years she has written for magazine publications such as BlogosphereMollie Makes and More. Online her work has been featured on Goodtoknow Laura Ashley, Domestic Sluttery, 91 Magazine and The High Tea Cast. 

Elizabeth is a friendly, quirky and passionate Blogger eager to share everything and anything she finds on her meander through life.

Always keen for a challenge Elizabeth recently organised her own independent Blogger conference, Blognix, sharing her enthusiasm for blogging, social media and indoor picnics.

Elizabeth now runs her own company offering blogging and social media services for small to medium-sized companies.

About Rosalilium

Rosalilium is a personal lifestyle blog that covers a broad range of topics. On the blog Elizabeth shares her delicious and easy recipes, the latest vintage finds from the car boot sales, daily outfit inspirations, fantasy shopping wishlists, travel and adventures, cool places to visit in the UK and abroad plus the latest blog advice.

Rosalilium is a blog about the beautiful things in life whilst remembering that beauty is not always pretty, but it is real. This blog takes a down-to-earth approach to living, appreciating and enjoying life by concentrating on the details and celebrating the greatness.


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