Winter Morning Routine


First thing I do when I wake up is drinking a glass of fresh water whilst scrolling through my social media on my phone. It’s super important to me that I stay hydrated, and I find it’s a great way to wake up all the senses in the morning. Of course, being winter it’s made all the more cosy when snuggled up in the softest of dressing gowns.


Next, I make my way downstairs to pop the kettle on and make myself a brew. I am probably not alone in needing a caffeinated drink to fully wake up in the morning.

The folks at Twinings tea sent over this mug prototype, the Forget-tea-not, for me to try out. It’s fascinating. It ‘sings’ to you when the tea is at the perfect temperature to remind you to drink your tea.

According to research tea is the first drink of the day for almost three quarters of Brits. However about a third of those Brits end up forgetting their tea and letting it cold. We are so busy rushing around getting ready in the morning that it’s so easy to forget about our brew.

This mug fixes that problem with it’s in-built heat sensor that measures the optimal temperature then plays out a tune through the speaker in the bottom of the mug. I also like how the mug feels thick and sturdy, like a proper cuppa should be.


After showering etc, I will do my make-up for the day, either keeping it light for a day of working from home, or full face if I have meetings, errands or events to go to.


Of course, picking out an outfit from my new wardrobe (I talked about it here) is sometimes the hardest part of the day. One day I’ll get the minimalist capsule wardrobe thing down!


Next I head to my desk in the study and start planning my tasks for the day. Around this time my singing mug started up. It was surprisingly loud and a lot more of a tune than I expected. But it totally works!

I’ve been trying out the English Strong Breakfast tea from Twinings and it’s right up my street. I need a nice strong ‘proper’ cup of tea to get me going in the mornings. The folks at Twinings assure me that there is a complex process to blending tea to make sure it’s a good quality blend!


And that’s it! My simple winter morning routine. I am pretty low key at the moment but I am reading about ‘miracle mornings’ at the moment and might start implementing some mindful practices in the New Year.

Tell me, how often do you forget YOUR cup of tea?


this post is written in collaboration with Twinings, as always thoughts and words are my own. thank you for supporting rosalilium.

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24 Responses

  1. Sarah Bailey

    What a fantastic idea to have a mug that lets you know when your tea is at the optimal temperature and does so by singing to you! I think a lot of people will find this quite useful x

  2. Ems

    The mug is a very clever idea, I could have done with that last night as I completely forgot my tea and then it was cold 🙁

    I do wish my mornings were a bit more structured, I am so lazy x

  3. Natalie

    I always forget my cup of tea if I make one while I’m preparing dinner. I get distracted and only notice when I’m parched 😁

  4. Anosa

    I love drinking tea and don’t know how many cups I go through a day. My morning routine is similar except for when I actually have my tea

  5. Emma

    I love seeing other people’s morning routines. The mug sounds fantastic, what a great idea! x

  6. Rachel

    I definitely need the mug! Great routine you have there and I also drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up x


    I need to keep my water intake up but forget to have a glass in the morning. I always forget my tea and end up reheating it umpteen times before throwing it out and making another.

  8. Cecilia

    This is a great post and sounds like you have the perfect morning routine. I like the idea of this cup would be so good for me as I always forget my tea x

  9. Laura H

    I need to start making a to-do list every day so I can get more things done. I tend to make very long lists with a week’s worth of stuff or so and then find it unmanageable!

  10. Leah Lander-Shafik

    I love tea – but I am terrible at forgetting to drink it when I am busy. My favourite was a twinings tea – buttermint – but I can’t find it anywhere and it was great! I have been loving the ginger bread lately though but it looks like it’s going to be discontinued too! Gah!


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