Snuggly Navy and Cream Cardi and Skirt Combo


I refuse to consign my skirts and dresses to the back of the wardrobe every autumn and winter. I mean, it’s bad enough that the majority of the year is pretty chilly here in the UK. But to be stuck in jeans and trousers would be depressing as hell.

Every year I pull out my trusty opaque tights and wrap up as best I can for the dropping temperatures.

I will not succumb to the thermals just yet!

And yes, it is possible to feel cute and snuggly this time of year.


This is what I call my lunchtime snuggle outfit and it happens to be head to toe Great Plains. I feel relatively chic in a faux suede skirt and polo neck top, and then I just chuck on this gloriously longline cardigan for extra cosiness from their knitwear collection.

Of course, it helps that the pattern, fair isle, never goes out of style. It is all about embracing the season and welcoming the cold.

Because without the cold we wouldn’t get to enjoy cosy cardigans, right?!


I have been perusing my own list of 100 self-care ideas this week as I well and truly start to feel the winter blues heading this way. It’s so important to have an awareness of how the seasons can affect our moods.

I mean, I’m super excited for Christmas and all the festivities that came with it. But I do find the short days and the cold can get to me if I’m not too careful.

So far I have been indulging in copious amounts of hot beverages, listening to music and bingeing on Netflix. Plus, I’ve been reaching out to friends and family to keep me company. I’m fighting the urge to hibernate too much by staying connected with all the awesome people I know.


What I’m wearing:

What are your favourite snuggly outfit numbers of choice?


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18 Responses

  1. LaaLaa

    tights are a great saviour for this time of year for skirt and dress lovers. I like how you’ve put this together x

  2. Paula

    I understand how you feel, when I was living in London I hardly wear a skirt, not even in summer! But yep, I agree, wearing trousers all year is depressing so good for you :), and you look great in this outfit BTW!

  3. Anosa

    I love a good cardigan and just picked up one whilst in Milan from Bershka, best investiment ever I am loving it.
    Love your style

  4. nicol

    the cardigan looks so comfy. i could imagine myself with it on, a scarf and a nice hot chocolate

  5. Tanya Brannan

    Oh you cannot beat a good snuggly cardigan to envelope yourself in! I love Fairisle as indeed it never goes out of style or fashion. I love your whole outfit and think you have styled it perfectly.

  6. Sally Akins

    I’m with you, I love my black tights! I’ve been looking for some cosy cardigans to wear as the weather gets colder, and I really like that one


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