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Dreaming-and-moreAs a blogger, creative and a business owner I am ALWAYS looking at ways to improve in what I do. Digital media is changing at a super fast pace. One minute I am getting to grips with Snapchat and the next thing I know I am now doing the same thing over on Instagram. Sure, I need to stay on top of the constantly changing blogosphere, but ultimately I want to be the very best I can be and that means making sure my content and everything I create is of value to my readers.

You see, the thing with being a creative type is that I always have about gazillion ideas running through my head. I have stacks of notebooks all over my house. My Evernote is full to the brim with lists and half-written drafts. In an ideal world I would spend ALL my working hours creating amazing content. Of course, life is not all avocado toast and peonies in the everyday life of a blog (I know, shock horror, Instagram lied). I need to make sure I spend my time effectively which is essentially means finding a balance between the content that I am passionate about and what my readers want from me.

Rosalilium 2016

Can you help me here?

I need to ask a bit of a favour. I need to pick your brains for a mo.

I want to know what you REALLY think about my blog. It’s the only way I can refine and improve what I do.

You see, I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I do have a little rebrand/shift in the pipeline (there’s a whole other notebook on that already filling up) so it would make sense to check what you are thinking. I want to see where you are at.

If I’m lucky we might be on the same page. But if we’re not, I probably should find out sooner rather than later!

As a little incentive I am going to add a giveaway to this survey. If you could lend me 5 minutes of your time to fill out my reader survey you can enter into the draw to win £50 Amazon voucher, straight from my own back pocket. Pretty cool, eh?

I am always super grateful for every reader that I have and would LOVE to know what you think. I want to hear about what you enjoy reading, what you don’t fancy so much. I want to know what else you read and what you think it missing from these virtual pages. Get involved!

Without further ado, here is my reader survey:

Once you filled in the survey you can enter the giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ll leave the survey open until the end of August, you have until the 31st to share your thoughts! But the sooner the better if you can, that would be rad!

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I am a multi-award winning lifestyle blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. I want to share ideas on how to live a holistic positive life. This is about taking self-care seriously (but taking yourself with a good dose of humour). Because if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anybody else or the world around you. Rosalilium is about reclaiming self-centred-ness as a lifestyle choice that is honest, meaningful and kind to yourself. Making a change in the world starts with you.

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