Car Boot Finds_Thrifting For Vintage Homewares

 It’s that time again! Car boot finds is here for the next instalment. As is tradition on this blog, every time I go thrifting at my local car boot sale I share what lovely vintage things I have bought. And this one is a good’un!

Vintage Basket

This beautiful basket is in pretty good condition. There’s a bit of the weaving missing on the top on one side, but otherwise it’s fabulous. I found this almost straight away at the car boot sale and it made for the perfect vestibule in which to put the rest of my vintage goodies.

Vintage Antique Glass Bottles

Next, I found these vintage/antique glass bottles. Long time readers might remember I started picking up quite a few of these back in 2012 (?) and used them as vases. I also sold quite a few when I had my little vintage shop. I think they’re super pretty once they’re cleaned up and make for an interesting decorative piece in the home.

Royal Coronation Mug

Another one for my royal mugs collection. This is a King Edward VIII coronation mug. Not so many of these around as he didn’t stick around as the monarch for long!

Vintage Floral Pyrex Dish

And of course, I couldn’t resist buying this cute floral pyrex dish. It was 10p – bargain of the day! It’ll go nicely with the rest of pyrex collection which is slowly but surely building up.

Car Boot Finds_Vintage Homewares

And that’s it. Not a bad little car boot finds collection.

We didn’t spend very long at the car boot sale on Sunday as the weather was glorious, there were loads of people there, and we were itching to go for a quiet walk along the canal (read about that here).

Let me know what you think!



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  1. Shelley Jessup

    I love good bargain hunt at car boots & fetes some people want way too much for stuff at times but sometimes you find that gem that you can not put a price on


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