Wearing your jacketI found these photos languishing on my hard drive. Forgotten about. Well, at least … it slipped my mind these past few weeks.

But as I was writing about our three night luxury stay in Qatar over on Awesome Wave, I was filtering back through the photos.

(note to self: stop leaving photos to languish on hard drives, start printing them out and get them in albums)

mens jacket

I found these snapshots of me posing in the boyf’s blazer as we got lost in the hotel on the way back to our room. We had just enjoyed the most wonderful evening wining, dining and chilling out on the beach. But as it got a bit nippy, ever the gentleman, he offered his jacket.

As we continued to get lost for some time in this epic maze of a hotel we stumbled on this huge, rather opulent hallway. I mused that it would make a rather cool backdrop for some outfit photos so we grabbed the camera and snapped away.

qatar outfit

If anything they were test shots and we had planned to go back the next day to take them properly. But the bed we slept in was too darn comfortable and the breakfast too darn epic. We ran out time.

Anyhow, I thought they were kind of funny so I’m popping them here for posterity’s sake if anything else.

How silly do I look in an oversized men’s blazer?!


Well, ’twas a lot of fun. Even if I do appear to be sneering in one of the photos. Ahhh…. will I have be a ‘proper’ style blogger?

Probably not.


Hope you have a great weekend folks! I’m of to the Blogcamp blogger’s conference tomorrow in Birmingham where I shall be doing a talk on blogging professionally and meeting lots of lovely bloggers. It’ll be my first big event of the year, hope I’m not too rusty!

Wish me luck!


(psssst…. if you fancy reading about our time in Qatar I’d be so grateful if you took the time.)

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2 Responses

  1. Becca

    Looks like a fabulous hotel! I don’t blame you for making the most of such an awesome backdrop! You look great in the blazer, I sometimes put my hubbys hoodies on, somehow they are always more comfy than mine!


  2. My Life As A Mummy

    Actually it looks really good on you, if it was a size smaller it would be absolutely perfect! I hope you have a fantastic time at Blog Camp

    Laura x x x


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