For weeks I have been struggling. I just couldn’t find my groove. My mind was all over the place. My focus was disjointed. And my creative juices just refused to flow. There was no juice.

It was terribly frustrating.

Almost upsetting.

I had lists upon lists of projects, ideas, and work I wanted to get going on. But I was not quite hitting my optimum productivity output.

As always, I was pretty hard on myself.

This in itself made productivity even more of a struggle and so began the downward spiral of feeling like a failure.

Until yesterday.

ginger tomcat

It was a Sunday, my favourite day of the week, and I took an enforced day off. I did nothing remotely work-based or creative. I had lunch with my family (hello Oreo milkshakes!), watched a bunch of Star Wars movies (hello Harrison Ford!) and enjoyed hours of cuddles with my favourite ginger tomcat (cuddles!).

The result?

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, ate my breakfast and drank my coffee standing up, did a few stretches and then found a cosy spot in the house to start tackling my inbox (eat a frog, innit).

It’s now almost 4 hours into my work day, and yes I’m still in my pyjamas (freelancer confession right there), but I’ve dealt with a huge chunk of work. Even more encouraging is that I feel amazing!

I have my zing back!

I have a humungous to-do list. Workaholic folks do. But I feel like I can make some satisfying dents into it, which is very exciting indeed.

So here’s to taking a break. I say it to myself time and time again – I must take days off, I must have breaks and I must plan in holidays. Yet, I continue to make life hard for myself.

My productivity and creativity skyrockets when I rest.

So the valuable lessons for today are:

– be kind to yourself

– give your brain space to rest

– allow yourself a break from it all

Now, let’s see if I can remember this lessons next week!

What are your secrets to creativity and productivity? 

Share your tips in the comments below.

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I am a multi-award winning lifestyle blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. I want to share ideas on how to live a holistic positive life. This is about taking self-care seriously (but taking yourself with a good dose of humour). Because if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anybody else or the world around you. Rosalilium is about reclaiming self-centred-ness as a lifestyle choice that is honest, meaningful and kind to yourself. Making a change in the world starts with you.

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9 Responses

  1. Emma

    What an honest post! I always find taking a break is the best way to de-stress and improve productivity!

    Emma x

  2. Siobhan

    I agree with the taking a rest approach, often when I am doing that I find ideas have space to percolate in the background and develop. I NEED a rest very badly at the moment having just completed my exams but I feel confident it is coming up, I just need to not keel over in the meantime!!

  3. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    I completely agree. But we never seem to realise the importance of taking a break until we are forced to take one having reached the bottom of that downward spiral that is overtired and overworked. Glad you found your Sunday off did the trick.

  4. Emily Jayne

    Taking a break is sooooo important! It’s so hard when you are a freelancer not to keep running on empty, but I always feel like a super productive new woman after taking some time out!

  5. Evelin

    I can so relate! I tried everything to get myself back on the tracks and found out that laying in bed for a day and listening to Sleeping at Last does the trick. Would recommend!


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