Walking into Spiderwebs

Yesterday morning my Dad dragged me out of bed at the crack of dawn telling me to grab my camera and get out into the garden pronto! Bleary-eyed I threw on a hoody and some trainers, picked up my camera and stumbled out into my Dad’s back garden. There amongst the foggy dew was a sea of glistening silver spiderwebs. All over the garden, amongst every nook and cranny, the spiders had gone mad building webs, and the cold morning turning into a warm day meant everything was bright silver with dew. It was stunning!

inside the canopy

In the circle

the chair

part of the flowerbed

Little web

Amongst the bushes

Spiderweb on Bird House

I don’t think these photographs need words.

Nature is perfectly beautiful by itself.


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  • Amy


    Wow. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Rhianne


    Wow, how amazing, these are stunning! I love the soft light especially, your Dad was right to grab you 🙂 I’ve taken a few photos of spider webs too lately as well, its tough to catch the light off them so you’ve done a great job.

    • Elizabeth Sellers

      Thanks! I think it was luck that the light was just right that morning.

  • Carrie


    wow these pictures are beautiful. I got a picture one Christmas of a spider’s web covered in frost and it’s still one of my favourites…I never seen this many in one place though 🙂

  • Leanne


    That was a lovely morning, The grass was covered in little masses of spiderwebs, looking like balls of silver hair amongst the grass. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me and I was running late for work so had to head off.

    Leanne x

  • Lisa


    Gorgeous! I did however approach this post in caution, just in case I spotted a spider! Beautiful photography!

  • Michelle


    I love when this happens. I only had time to snap an Instagram one but it is something special. Last year there was a frosty morning when they were frozen. Amazing artist ol’ Mother Nature.

  • Virginia


    I am petrified of spiders but these photographs are stunning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one place

  • Sharon Pickles


    How stunningly beautiful nature is – nothing I could create would ever match up to those spider webs.


  • Leah


    Gorgeous photos! It’s funny because I’m not a fan of spiders, but spider webs are so beautiful. Well captured!

  • Alex


    Spiderwebs are SO magical! I took some similar ones, when they’re like this – all frosted up – they are so gorgeous:

    BIG HUGS! <3

  • Vic


    These are incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one place like that. Bet you’re glad you were woken up!

  • Siobhan (Siobhan Claude Van Damme)


    These are beautiful Elizabeth! Love that you captured this!

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