On the Sunday the boyf and I had a pretty chilled out date day. We spent the whole talking non-stop! We are quite the chatterboxes when we want to and as he is working in London at the moment we don’t get to natter as much as I would like. This means our weekends and time together is even more precious, so we try to make an effort to make it special.


We popped down to Woktastic for an early supper. I had been offered a free meal on the house so I went to try out their curry and dumplings. We had tempura prawns and duck dumplings to start and then I had a massive bowl of chicken cocunut curry. It was delicious. The boyf had a bowl of udon noodles which looked equally yummy.

It was lovely to just have a relatively chilled Sunday of mooching, talking and eating. Sunday’s are totally my favourite day of the week.

Bike Dress

I wore my new green bicycle print dress with my favourite brown brogues. I do love a good brogue, although these are on their way out – sad times. This weather, however, is weirding me out a bit. Is it hot? Is it cool? I’m back to wearing my jackets again and I have been wearing tights most days. I probably didn’t need tights on Sunday with this outfit – in hindsight it probably looks a bit silly. But I just cannot stand being cold! Tights are my best friends. Anyway, I’ll totally be wearing this dress all autumn anyway. I just layer on up as the seasons draw in.

Bike Dress close upWearing the Bike Dress

Outfit – Dress : c/o  Great Plains // Shoes : New Look // Watch : Olivia Burton // Nail Varnish : Nails Inc

Psst … this dress is now in the sale!

Get the look:


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20 Responses

  1. claireabellemakes

    Lovely dress! I do love a good bicycle print 🙂

    I think you should keep your hair red! It looks fab and I am always jealous of anyone that can get a red that vivid (my hair is very dark brown/almost black).

    Claire x

  2. Hayley

    This is such a great dress! I love the print and the colour, it really suits you.
    New Look brogues are the best! My black ones are 4 years old and really should be in the bin but I just love them too much.

  3. Molly

    I have this dress! It looks so much nicer on you though 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely weekend x

    • Elizabeth Sellers

      oooh, sorry about that. I’ll try and fix that. If you click on the dress on the ‘shop the look’ section it should take you through to the dress.
      Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Sarah

    Your dress is so lovely! I have it open in a new tab now and I’m so tempted to buy it. also very jealous of your Olivia Burton watch – I wanted one for my birthday, but by the time I decided on which one all my favourites has sold out.


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