It’s been a busy old week on Rosalilium. I launched the Blog Every Day in May (#BEDM) challenge and have been completely surprised and overwhelmed by the response. At the last count we have 213 Bloggers taking part. It’s nut. Insane. I never imagined this challenge would be popular. It’s been so exciting to read lots of new blogs and it is satisfying to know that my topics calendar is providing some much needed inspiration and direction. I love reading how each subject is interpreted differently. It’s brilliant. One of my favourite topics so far as been the Day in the Life. I love reading about the mundane details of other peoples daily lives. It really is fascinating. So on this weeks Recap post I have shared 5 of my favourite Day in the Life posts from the Blog Every Day in May challenge.

on Rosalilium:


Happy List:

  • feeling the wind in my hair
  • the huge response to Blog Every Day in May
  • organising Blognix
  • listening to Radio 6Music
  • painting my nails blue

Hope you have had a rad week! 

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I am a multi-award winning lifestyle blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. I want to share ideas on how to live a holistic positive life. This is about taking self-care seriously (but taking yourself with a good dose of humour). Because if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anybody else or the world around you. Rosalilium is about reclaiming self-centred-ness as a lifestyle choice that is honest, meaningful and kind to yourself. Making a change in the world starts with you.

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5 Responses

  1. Emily


    Massive thank you for spurring me on….I’m loving the project and the topics, not to mention having the push to get me blogging regularly. So glad I joined in!

  2. Frances

    I am LOVING reading all the responses to your May blogging challenge. Such a fascinating range of responses and fantastic to discover some great new blogs too. Look forward to seeing what the rest of the month brings!

  3. Claire

    I am so loving BEDM! Thank you again for organising this – I’m meeting so many cool bloggers through the link up.

  4. peas&carrots

    I’m really enjoying reading ‘A Day in a Life’ I’m so nosey so these posts are great.
    Ahhhh, The Custard Factory. I have such happy memories of this place, it’s where I met my husband. We’ll be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this month!


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