A couple of you lovely folks asked about the gold dipped rammekins I used in the post for my Chocolate Creme recipe so today I thought I would share with you. I made these gold dipped pots a few weeks back as a little experiment. I had seen a couple of jar-dipping images passing around Pinterest a while ago and I guess the concept stuck. So while I was lamenting the large stash of leftover Gu Puds pots filling up my cupboards (come on, I’m not the only one who hoards them ‘just in case’, am I?) I had the little brainwave to try decorating them by dipping them in some gold paint.

So off I trotted to Wilkinson’s (I think that shop is rad) to pick up a little pot of antique gold acrylic paint and set about my little DIY project. Here is what I did to make my Gold Dipped Pots.

  1. tip the paint into an old unwanted bowl or shallow pot and set aside a piece of cardboard for ‘resting’ your pots.
  2. take one clean, dry pot at a time, tip upside down and gently press into the paint.
  3. as you pull the pot out of the paint quickly flip the pot over so the rim is facing upwards and place on your cardboard so all the paint drips down the sides.
  4. repeat for all the pots and allow the paint to completely dry. I left them overnight.
  5. once they are dry give them a gentle clean with a damp cloth to remove any grime or loose paint.



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  1. char

    Ahh they look cute, and my parents have an absolute load of these, I tend to use them as tealight holders, which would look cute with some paint. I think I have some gold acrylic lying around as well.


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