***It is Christmas Cheer Week on ROSALILIUM and we have some very special guests to come and celebrate with us. Today Vic from FranklyVic is bringing us some Christmas photography inspiration..***

Hi Rosalilium readers! My name is Vic and I’m a photo addict…

I’m so excited to be a part of Elizabeth’s festive week & I’m here today to talk to you about Christmas pictures. Or, in my case, the lack of Christmas pictures. I was going through my photo library a few weeks ago & realised that I have hardly any pictures from Christmas day for the past few years. I’m all about enjoying the moment and not being paranoid about capturing absolutely everything, but I really wish I had those pictures to look back on.

So, this year I’m setting myself a challenge. I’ve written a list of 15 ‘must have’ shots & I’m aiming to tick off all of them. Its not a long list, because I want to enjoy the day, but it aims to capture all of the moments that make my Christmas ‘mine’. The personal touches, the family traditions, the picture perfect before shots & the aftermath shots of empty plates with wrapping paper covering the floor.

1/2/3 –  Pictures of the table before, during & after Christmas dinner – if your Christmas dinner is anything like mine then the table starts off gorgeous, quickly fills up with food & by the end of the meal is full of empty plates, scattered cracker jokes, ripped party hats

4/5/ –  Pictures of the tree in the morning and the evening (you might need a tripod/something to rest your camera on for this one!)

6/ Do you have a Christmas morning ‘tradition’? We’ve always opened our stockings in Mum’s room before traipsing downstairs in our pj’s to eat breakfast. Whatever it is, snap it!

christmas morning_MG_1886-1

7/ Do you have pets? My dog loves wrapping paper, so, so much. His favourite thing is to shred it up and leave it absolutely everywhere. Its adorable but he hasn’t quite mastered the art of clearing up… Include them in the fun

8/ The view from your window on Christmas morning

9/ Your drink of choice on Christmas evening (you could also photography everyone else’s – just for fun)

10/  Do you go out for a walk on Christmas day? We usually all bundle up & take the dog for a walk – its a nice way to get some fresh air & walk off some of the food! Snap it!

11/ Take a group shot. It doesn’t have to be fancy or particularly serious – just get everyone together & get a picture of it. It doesn’t have to be blog-worthy or ‘acceptable’ for Facebook. This one is just about memories & you’ll be grateful for it later – I promise.

12/ Decorations. Christmas is full of lights & glitter & sparkles. Get creative and come up with an interesting way of looking at things.

13/ Outside in. I LOVE looking in peoples windows & seeing living rooms lit up with Christmas lights. Get outside on Christmas evening and look in on your Christmas.

14/ What does your Christmas evening look like? Ours usually involves blankets, chocolate & wine. Very low key and relaxed but I absolutely love it.

15/ Magic. Find it, shoot it & keep it. This one’s incredibly open-ended, but isn’t the magic what Christmas is all about?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, love & really good food!




***Check out Vic’s blog, Frankly Vic***

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10 Responses

  1. sharon robinson

    There’s some good ideas there.I always try and get a shot of our dog opening his presents.He is pretty good at it! It is funny to watch.:)
    I always atempt to get a family shot too.X

    • Vic

      Thanks! Mine opens his own presents as well – its hilarious but I’ve never managed to get a good picture of it! I’m so terrible at remembering to get family shots. I WILL do it this year!

  2. Lisa-Marie

    Brilliant list! I am quite snap happy, but what I take from this is that the moments photographed are important, not the photos being important.

  3. Elizabeth

    I’m going to write this Checklist down on a little post it note which I will attach to the fridge to remind me to take photos!

    I normally get loads of the present opening and then forget the rest. Darn it.


    • Vic

      I might write it out as well – my family are impossible to get picture of so it might help me force them into it, haha!


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