Outfit: A Family Affair

…because surely we are all bored of me and a brick wall yeah?

Last weekend it was Mama Rosalilium’s big 5-0 party and instead of holding a Hawaii 5-0 themed party (which I fully intend to do when I hit that milestone!) she opted for a sensible family affair consisting of posh yummy food and a drinks tab on Grandad (wahoo!).  As part of the evening’s shenanigans my Mum asked me to take some group portraits of the family as it is a rare occurrence to get everyone together in their glad rags. Apart from a Grumpy Grandad moaning about where he could sit to smoke his pipe and drink his wine (seriously, I’m not making this up) it was rather fun to try and herd a bunch of incredibly bossy and annoying people into shot (I come from a family of bossy-pants’s  <- is there a plural for that?).

Above is rather dashing portrait of the boyf, myself, the lil bro’s girlf and lil bro. I say we look rather swish, despite my lil bro trying to ham it up (again). I like how the lil bro and his girlf managed to coordinate his shirt with her hair. And my dress and the boyf’s suit all tone in nicely. It’s almost like we planned it. We didn’t.

I don’t actually have any outfit shots of just my dress because I was running around playing photographer for the night. But my Mum did ask for an outfit photo of her own. So here is Mama Rosalilium, aka Birthday Girl in her lovely new birthday dress.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

And it wouldn’t be a family event without a silly jumping photo.

And to leave you with this… my baby sister totally photobombing my Mum…

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  1. Nomad

    your little sister is awesome! Your dress is so pretty. Hope you all had a great time 🙂 x


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