Last Friday I had the amazing opportunity of making free use of a box at the Royal Albert Hall. The gorgeous Imelda May was playing and I hot-stepped it down to London straight after work.

I have always wanted to go the Royal Albert Hall. I marvelled at this colossal building as a child visiting London, and to finally get the chance to visit?! Wowzers. This is one incredible venue.inside royal albert hallWe were lead up to the second tier and a smartly dressed man held the keys to our box. Inside there was a large table in front of an ornate mirror which we used to hold our drinks. Opposite this was a long coat rack. And out towards the auditorium were 5 seats. I sat at the front of the box and looked down to see a stone carving of a crown. We were only sat above the Royal Box! (which I later found a certain Pippa Middleton sitting in – she didn’t clap).

the royal boxImelda May was perfect. At times she had me on the verge of tears as she sang about her love for her husband or her monther. And at other times she had me up on my feet dancing to funky rockabilly awesomeness. Plus, she was totally preggers! Yet, still she permormed a show with great energy. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening.

imelda mayvictorian painting

Have you been to any gigs, concerts, music-type affairs recently?

What is your favourite venue?

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9 Responses

  1. dawn

    Aww I love the Royal Albert Hall, I have only seen Cirque Du Soleil there, but it was so magical. I didn’t have a box though 😉 , I was at the front of the last lot of seats before the standing bit, but as a lot of the show was up in the air, it really didn’t matter! 🙂 Glad you had a lovely time 🙂

  2. Maxi

    Wow what a FAB night out. I’ve only been there once on a school trip but I always remember what an amazing building it is. I haven’t been to gig in ages but we did recently see a comedian at the Buxton Opera House. It’s such a tiny venue but I love how intimate it is and the ornate dome roof.

    • Elizabeth

      I love initimate venues like that, especially if they are pretty!

  3. Zoë {Conversation Pieces}

    Wow, that’s rather cool… can’t believe Pippa didn’t clap (unless she left before it finished?). 😉 You’ve now got me thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve been to a gig – going to have to sort that out!

    • Elizabeth

      I guess she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. Or maybe the upper class don’t clap?

  4. beth

    wow, this looks amazing! i would love to go to the royal albert hall, i have the dvd of the phantom of the opera 25th anniversary (sad i know, i’m obsessed!) and it looked surreal. your hair looks lovely by the way!xx

    • Elizabeth

      there is nothing sad about a dvd of Phantom. It’s a great musical!
      and thanks for the hair compliment.x

  5. Siobhan

    That is so cool! I love the Royal Albert Hall. I went to a show there where my seat was on the stage, some of the performers turned round to sing to us (including Rufus Wainwright!)! Where the choir would sit. It was amazing. The most recent gig I went to was Patrick Watson in a church. It was magical.


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