Outfit: Coral and Cobalt

coral and cobalt outfitIt has been a funny old week, but outfits like this cheer me right up. I mean, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed or sad, wearing bright colours can make you feel rad.

Over on Domestic Sluttery we had a Yorkshire week celebrating all that is Yorkshire DS-stylee. I wrote a short travel piece about what to do in Hebden Bridge in 48 hours. It caused a bit of a stir and I had my first negative comments on a blog. I won’t lie, it did sting a bit. I find it hard to understand rudeness, meanness and negativity like that. But, that’s all done and dusted now. And I’m glad I got to share this sweet little town with DS readers.

And the boyf posted his first blog entry on Rosalilium yesterday. Hoorah! In case you missed it, he shared a cocktail recipe with us in which he enjoys slapping mint a little too much.
poutingcoral and cobaltnude heels

(Outfit – Top:River Island, Skirt: Primark, Heels: Next, Necklace: Bonbi Forest)

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

I have a feeling the car boot sales will be rained off so I will probably get on with adding more to the shop and getting on top of my blogging.

I think I feel a cookathon coming on…

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10 Responses

  1. saphy

    You look great, I am sat here in my night shirt and blanket looking for inspiration. I too will be cooking today. good luck.

  2. Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

    Goodness, I’ve just read your piece on Hebden Bridge and can’t imagine why it became so contentious – it read like a perfectly reasonable post to me! I guess any rogue apostrophes have been corrected but as someone said, it was only supposed to be a brief guide, and from the point of view of an enthusiastic new visitor, not a local! Oh well, can’t please everyone. I’d already added it to my list of places I’d like to visit one day after reading raptures about it on other blogs, so I found it a handy article.

    Lovely outfit too – we definitely need colour to counteract all this grey weather.

  3. Emma

    I have just been over to DS and read your post and must say that the negative comments were very harsh and uncalled for. I think it’s a good article and for somebody who has only visited twice you are not likely to have seen and visited everywhere!!! Besides that it’s your opinion and your brief guide – your not a tourist information guide!!! I’d love to visit just from reading your post!

    Anyways slightly off topic rant there…your outfit looks great as usual, however I could not walk in those shoes!

  4. Kat got the cream

    Wowsers, finally made it over to DS to read your post (sorry I’ve been really bad with my blog-reading lately) and I can’t understand what all that fuss was about either. I’ve been to HB several times and I thought you summarised it perfectly well. I’ve never been able to do a night out there either so it was good to get your views on stuff to do after hours too.

    Honestly – what is up with some people, making such unecessarily harsh comments?

    Big, fat raspberries blown in their general direction!!!!

    P.S. Great outfit chuck and the lounge setting in the new house is looking very cool too!!

  5. Maxi

    Don’t let them get you down. You can’t be expected to post about everything. They obviously have far too much time on their hands! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there are ways of saying things!
    P.S I very nearly bought that skirt in turquoise the other day. So glad I didn’t as it looks soooooo much nicer in coral.

  6. Carol

    Very nice wardrobe! It is very fit to you. Nice job for color combination. you look so great.!

  7. Lisa-Marie

    I love this outfit – bright and cheerful. (I love the chair too).

    I have had a hectic and occasionally difficult few weeks too and you are right about cheerful colours!

  8. Zoë {Conversation Pieces}

    I love the outfit… you’re totally right that wearing bright colours does help when you’re feeling blue. (Love the sneak peek of your home btw!) Sorry to hear it wasn’t a great week… and you got a negative comment too 🙁 I don’t get many (think I’ve had 3 in total) but it’s weird that someone takes the time out to just have a go about something. Try not to let it get to you my dear x

  9. Rachel

    im so sorry to hear you received a bad comment, who on earth would do such a thing. this is your space why bring negativity in! anyway less thought/ said about that the better, besides you and your blog are awesome! love this happy outfit, i agree colours make me happy too. and im in love with your chair right there! amazing!!


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