Car Boot Finds: Pt 27

vintage finds

Last weekend we popped along to a couple of car boot sales for a laid back wander and rummage. As we are new to Northampton, we are still trying to suss out where the best places to go for thrifting are. Unfortunately both car boots were small – it seemed that the incorrect forecast of rain had deterred potential sellers from booting. But we were in need of stretching our legs so we had a wander nevertheless.

Considering how small the car boot sales were it is surprising what the actually came away with.

We found a Johnny Cash record, 8 vintage milk bottles (and 2 coke bottles thrown in for free) 4 vintage tins, a set of utility china plates, a pink glass dish (might be lovely on a dressing table), two vintage camera, two vintage books, a carry on mug (for the boyf) and two more queen mugs for my collection. Amazing!

Some of these will probably be heading for the shop. But the plates are definitely mine (because obviously I need over 30 plates for the two of us).


Have you found any gems at the Car Boot Sales (or charity shop)recently?


  • Lisa-Marie


    Right so, as well as three bottles (if you can find more for S, as I think she wants them for her wedding), I need that needlecraft book, because I have another one in the series. I didn’t even know it was a series!

    Amazing haul. I love the cameras too.

    • Elizabeth

      yey book twins!

  • Alex


    I am sooo jealous! 😀 I need to go to more boot sales, but I swear there was never anything half as good at the ones I’ve been to! I heart the bottles and Johnny Cash is just wowzas!

  • Nomad


    Great finds! The rain tried to ruin my car boot day last Sunday but I still managed to come aways with some good bits and pieces for my shop 🙂 This weekend it’s charity shop time! x

  • Dancing Branflake


    So, I totally have these old cameras from my grandparents way back in the day. I don’t know what to do with them. Sell them?

    • Elizabeth

      I have a couple of old cameras I use a ornaments on my mantelpiece. Or you could find some film for them and experiment with some photos. And of course, you can always sell them. They are quite popular!

  • Betty


    These are great purchases. It is surprising what people got in stored and are selling. I especially love the cameras; so small yet it has a classic look.

  • Carol


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  • Emma


    I love the sleeve f or that Jonny Cash Vinyl. How’s the queen mug collection going? My grandma has loads, and of all the other royals too!

  • Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]


    You do seem to have the magic touch! Love the queenie mugs and the bottles. I’ve been on a bit of a royalty related hunt recently for my jubilee charity swap, those would be perfect!

  • Siobhan


    Gorgeous finds!

  • Zoë {Conversation Pieces}


    Oooh that’s some stash! I spy some old cameras 🙂 Haven’t been carbooting for a while… need to find some time soon!

    • Elizabeth

      remember, car boots are for life, not just special occasions (or when you can be arsed) 😉

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