Outfit: A Striped Picnic

stripe dressstripey dressThis weekend the boyf and I took a break from unpacking and DIY to take a stroll around the local park. Of course, lots of posing and hamming it up for the camera was involved. We also packed a pretty flash of hot tea and the picnic rug. It really is the simple pleasures, isn’t it?

picnic and tea in a flaskback of red hairtwirling dress picnic time(Outfit – Dress: H&M, Brogues: Next, Ring: Primark, Watch: Casio, Nails: Rimmel)

I have had a few requests for a house tour already. But I’m still unpacking! You know me, I collect A LOT of junk, so it is taking some time to find a home for it all. Plus, the house needs a bit of work to get it to our kind of prettiness. This is a little unfortunate as we were promised that it would repainted before we moved in. That’s estate agents for you! Always making things up.

Maybe, I will start off with some snippets, and maybe you guys can help me out with advice. In particular I have a hallway that needs a lot of love and creativity to give it life. Mmmm…we shall see. I know how fun it is to see how other people live so I’ll get some snippets coming your way soon.

Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend!

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Elizabeth is a freelance blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. When she doesn't have her nose in her laptop she can be found travelling the world as a digital nomad, trawling through car boot sales or rustling up her favourite foods in the kitchen.

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16 Responses

  1. Rhianne

    I shoudl really go to H&M more I think, they seem to have great dresses at the moment! you look lovely

  2. Rebecca

    Aww, you’re so cute! I want a picnic too, hopefully the lovely weather sticks around (or I can come and crash one of yours). Hope there aren’t too many boxes left and you’re starting to feel at home xxx

  3. Emily

    Love this dress! I think it’s the same shape as a plain navy one I’ve been eyeing up! Was planning to wear it with a very similar skinny red vintage belt I have!
    And your flask matches my tape measure which @SiobhanJC bought for me!

  4. Anna

    cuuuuuuuute outfit!!

    Perfect picnnc outfit. I want a twirly dress now and I have massive, big fat hair envy. So regretting having mine all cut off. xxx

  5. Kailey

    This dress is TOO gorgeous – I really love how you paired it with that red ;-; Good luck with settling in! xo

  6. Kat got the cream

    You look so gorgeous and happy in these pictures! Great red satchel too. Picnics are one of my favourite things in the whole world.

    PS Meant to say that the blog makeover is looking good too!

  7. Pret-A-Mummy

    I wore the same dress from H&M to Cybher, but mine was fawn with white spots. I love it, I have the mint green one too! Bargain!


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