In general, triangles are my favourite shape. I’m not entirely sure why, but it might be something about three sides or three angles that works for me. Maybe I like the pointy edges. Maybe it is my fascination with odd numbers. I really do not know. But right now I seem to be drawn to chevrons and zig zags too.

Recently I have stumbled across a few designer-makers that have made my heart jump and my brain shout “yes!” I love it when moments of beauty or inspiration take hold like that, when I see something that makes me smile.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite chevron and zig zag featured pieces.

This purse is from FalconWright, a collaboration between to designer-makers producing handmade leather goods in Toronto, Canada.

This from my new favourite person I have never met. I discovered Arielle Alasko through Design*Sponge last week and fell in love with her work, her aesthetic and her amazing attitude. She builds furniture from reclaimed and recycled materials and this headboard is one example. Stunning.

I have had this amazing reclaimed Arctic Plank floor on my pinterest for about 6 months now. Using reclaimed wooden pallets to make beautiful floors, this is my kind of company.

Another Design*Sponge find. This chevron ceiling is a relatively easy DIY. I wonder if the boyf would let me do this in our new hallway?

I love the simplicity of this screenprinted tea towel. Unfortunately it has sold out but it’s inspiration can carry on.

Do you have a favourite pattern or shape?

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8 Responses

  1. Teresa

    Oh my! That bed head is absolutely AMAZING!
    I’m a big fan of chevrons too 😀

  2. Rhianne

    I love stripes, so the flooring and headboard in particular I love… I’m also fond of circles. Great finds!

  3. Vic

    I absolutely love that headboard! I really like proper wooden bedframes, I think they look so much more comfortable than metal frames!

  4. Lisa

    Come to think of it my favorite shapes is circle and triangle. I noticed how the zigzag shape work well as a design. I love the ceiling the most.

  5. Molly

    Oh I LOVE the purse – it’s very like Wiener Werkstätte designs of the early 1900s. I’m not sure if I have a favourite shape or pattern, but you’ve got me thinking … 🙂


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