You know when your body gets so cold that it takes hours to warm back up again? Well, yeah…that. Walking home from town today (my physio says a little gentle exercise can help my back) I forgot to put my hat on, so once I was indoors my ears felt like icicles. In fact, they were so cold I could hardly feel them. OK, you get the picture. My ears were cold. So I whipped out my favourite pair of ear muffs and plonked them on my head. And there they stayed for several hours. Ear muffs are rad – fact.

(Outfit – Earmuffs: ??? I can’t remember, Scarf: Market in Chiang Mai, Jumper: Vintage, Skirt: H&M, Tights: House of Fraser, Socks: River Island)

This is my working-at-home outfit complete with scarf and ear muffs. I spent the afternoon photographing, editing and listing a new product for The Rosalilium Shop. It’s another set of cufflinks, this time adorned with cute little lego bricks. Have a look and maybe there is a man in your life who might like a quirky pressie this Christmas?

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Elizabeth is a freelance blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. When she doesn't have her nose in her laptop she can be found travelling the world as a digital nomad, trawling through car boot sales or rustling up her favourite foods in the kitchen.

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  1. Molly

    Earmuffs are indeed rad! But I wish I looked as gorgeous as you when I’m working from home – absolutely love your outfit :) x

  2. Amber

    You are absolutely adorable. You’re also seriously making me want to get a fringe: your hair is so lovely!

    • Elizabeth

      thanks Amber. I take that as a huge compliment from a haver of great hair. 😉


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