I know it is still another 3 weeks until Halloween, but Mama Rosalilium has promised the little sisters that we would host a Halloween Party for them and their friends. Of course, she promised this with the full intention of placing all party organisational responsibilities in my hands. Thanks, Mama!

I now have around 10 children and several adults to entertain on the 31st October and I need some inspiration. There is a house to decorate, there is food to decide on and there are games to organise. I have been trying to harness the inner 10-year-old in me to recover those nostalgic memories of Halloween festivities of years gone by….but the mind aint what it used to be! I need your help, dear readers.

(Photo credits – 1: Hostess with the Mostess, 2: Parents.Com, 3 & 4: Martha Stewart)

(Photo credits – 1: Martha Stewart, 2: Cupcakes and Cashmere, 3: Woman’s Day, 4: PlayatHomeMom)

First step on my party planning list is to scour the Pinterest pages for inspiration. You can see a full collection of my pins here. And, above are a few of my favourite ideas for decoration, food and games.

But I am still in need of good, cheap and easy ideas to make this Halloween special for my little sisters. They are 7 and 4 years old, and have had a difficult time with friends recently, so I want to make this a fantastic memory for them.

So, would you mind sharing your ideas, tips and advice with my please? Or maybe you have a favourite Halloween memory that might inspire me? I would love to hear from you.

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8 Responses

  1. Lisa-Marie

    The doughnut thing – you have to eat the doughnut without your hands, is good they are dipped in golden syrup in Scotland, as you eat quicker to stop the drips, but at the same time it’s sickening so it slows you down. Dooking (I assume you say bobbing) for apples.
    Pin the hat on the Witch.
    Fairy cake decoration (Halloween themed, a few black and orange decorations – sprinkles and icing – do the trick).
    Pumpkin/turnip carving – good to get adults to join in (and ask them to bring their preferred gourd).
    Costume contest – get everyone to mark each other – you can make up wee sheets so the think it’s fancy – and have a wee prize (a flashy badge or a good sweet).
    Tell the parents you’ll want all the children to do a song/joke/skit.
    Make sure you have a few costumey bits incase a child turns up uncostumed.
    Let the kids turn each other into mummies with cheap toilet roll.
    If it’s nice and you can do a wee fire outdoors, do toast marshmallows – so of them won’t get to go to bonfire night.

    For decoration, orange and black paper bunting, a few balloons and orange and black table covering will do nicely. as they are little, you don’t want to scare them hugely!

    • Elizabeth

      You are amazing, Lisa-Marie. Thank you so much. I have got loads to go on now.x.

  2. SEO Consultant

    We are planning on playing pin the tail on the black cat or pin the broomstick onto the witch

  3. Sheila

    I haven’t decided yet if I should host a Halloween party for kids this year. But you’re right about getting inspiration from Pinterest. I’m sure they have loads of pins related to Halloween now.

  4. Siobhan

    Oh and a variation on the doughnut/ apple thing – cover a baking tray with icing sugar and the put wrapped penny sweets on it – they have to pick it up with their teeth and get no icing sugar on the nose!


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