Blackberry Picking and Making Blackberry Vodka

How to Make Blackberry Vodka

Blackberry Vodka

Inspired by the lovely Thrifty Mrs, I dragged the boyfriend out for a blackberry picking outing this weekend. The sun was scorching and my local area is filled with lovely countryside and winding country lanes, a perfect backdrop to an outing with a mission.

Blackberry Picking


Picking the Blackberries

After picking blackberries over two days, we were left with two huge bowls of blackberries. It was inevitable that loads of blackberry vodka would be made. I LOVE vodka.

Lots of Blackberries

All you need is vodka, sugar and blackberries.

Simplicity is my favourite recipe.

For this large kilner jar, I used 700g of blackberries, 375g of sugar and 1 litre of  vodka.

Vodka Sugar Blackberries

Blackberry and Vodka

Adding the sugar to Blackberry VodkaMaking Blackberry Vodka

After adding all the ingredients, I gave the jar a good shake, tipping it up and down to get the sugar dissolving.

The tip is to shake the jar on a daily basis for a couple of weeks and then let the blackberries work their infusing magic, giving the occasional shake during the 3 month process.

How to Make Blackberry Vodka

Fingers crossed I will have some delicious fruity vodka ready for Christmas, which I will probably give as gifts (saving some myself obviously).

I can’t believe how fun and easy this was, from foraging the blackberries to making the vodka, it was wonderfully therapeutic and satisfying. I think I might have caught the foraging bug!

Do you have any ideas, tips or advice for more foraging fun? I am keen to get back out there!

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  • Sam


    I gave up drinking after having little’un but this looks ace. I feel like doing it just for how pretty the jar looks with the mixture. x

    • Elizabeth

      I’m surprised how lovely it looks too. Might make a whole collection for my shelf!

  • The adventures of lilibet


    Amazing, very inspired, think i’ll drag my boyf out to pick some this week. We made blackberry brandy last year but my parents found it when they were having a dinner party and it was apparently so delicious they polished off the lot!

    • Elizabeth

      Oooh, blackberry brandy, that’s a great idea. I still have some leftovers so I could diversify the drink.

  • Daniella Abraham


    What a fantastic idea for Christmas presents, I’d never thought about doing something like this! I’m off to get my basket and pick some juicy blackberries!

    • Elizabeth

      Sweet, enjoy!

  • Claire


    I can’t believe you have blackberries already down south! We were still picking strawberries last week, and it’ll be at least another six weeks before the blackberries are even worth looking at. Saying that, I will definitely be bookmarking this post for inspiration come mid-Septmeber in Edinburgh…

    • Elizabeth

      I know, they are supposed to be Autumnal but I guess the weather has been a tad cooler and wetter. There is loads of them!

  • A Thrifty Mrs


    Yay for blackberries. I’m ordering my bottles this weekend. I can’t wait to bottle it in pretty bottles and give them out as Christmas gifts. Thanks for linking to me.

    • Elizabeth

      Good point, I haven’t got to thinking about the bottle bit yet. I imagine I will be needing a funnel too. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  • Reflexology Batley


    What a fantastic idea – got some cheap vodka we were not drinking it so this is exactly what I am going to do with it …. thank you!

  • upvc double glazing


    That is such a lovely way to make presents – different presents at that. I always wondered how to do this – do you make fruit Gin in the same way?

  • reflexologist


    Now that has given me such a great idea for Christmas – got 3 people who are nigh on impossible to buy for and a bottle of this will be perfect. So, thank you very much!

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