My Week in Instagram 7

It is that time of the week again, where I share some of my favourite Instagram photographs that I have taken over this past week. Enjoy!

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  • Siobhan


    How was the rowing machine? I love rowing machines. And thank you again for the treats I can eat. I had actually forgotten granola bars existed. They can be added to my snack rotation with fresh fruit and low fat yoghurt – yum!

    • Elizabeth

      I did 3000 metres in about 20 minutes, which is the first time I have ever done that far or for that long…I was pretty chuffed.

      And yey for treats you can eat. I really didn’t know exactly what you could or couldn’t have so I just hoped that at the very least the thought might count 😀

  • Eloise


    I see my shoulder!! Yes it was awesome talking to you yesterday and eeking at some of forever 21s prices


    • Elizabeth

      And what a very lovely shoulder it is too.

  • ramz


    aaagh, that’s the blogger meetup isn’t it? unbelievably jeal of everyone who went, would have died to go but I couldn’t last minute. hope you had a lovely time!

  • Lisa-Marie


    Photo three, top row, centre. 🙂

    Also, the Brum bloggers are V stylish, no?

    • Elizabeth

      😀 yep and yep

  • Emma Robertson


    I love all your photos! Simply delightful.


  • Zoe {Conversation Pieces}


    Oh how pretty are you in a turban? Supremely jealous my dear! 🙂

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