Moody Broody Styling

The eerie fog, the sumptuous pinks and greys, and the bare branches make for a stunning shot for this Mateus ceramics collection..
(Mateus via Mademoiselle Robot)

Cosy Furniture

Beautiful, classic design and delicious snuggly leather. This one goes to top of my most coveted armchairs.

Winter Shorts

Nothing a pair of thick opaque tights cannot remedy and I love Jessica’s chic styling with the pointy heels, loose blazer and slouchy tee. Effortless chic.

Winter Weddings

Balloons and snow – how adorably romantic?!

Embroidered Photography

“I predict that in this increasingly screen-dominated world, the attraction of the handcrafted artwork and photographic collage will continue to experience a renaissance.” 
– Clare Grafik (Senior Curator at the Photographers Gallery)
(Maurizio Anzeri, courtesy of the Photographers’ Gallery, London via)


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5 Responses

  1. Siany

    SO pleased you're coveting that chair too. Could we split the cost and share it maybe? It could live with me six months of the year…

  2. Elizabeth @rosalilium

    That's a genius idea! Let me just check down the side of the sofa…I'm sure there must be a spare couple of hundred down there…

  3. Siobhan

    I've been wanting that chair since I saw it on Domestic Sluts too. Soo comfy…. Soo expensive…

    There's a chair in the furniture shop by my house I have coveted for over a year now. But my lovely house is too tiny for me to go chair shopping. Except I might buy it.

    Sorry. Got carried away with the furniture!

    Lovely photos!

  4. George's Mum

    that embroidery made my face feel all funny so I'm writing this whilst wiggling my cheeks about. I'm such an idiot sometimes…. loving the snow wedding- saw it earlier on Emma's blog and got wedding envy!! x x

  5. Clare B

    Oh, I saw those wedding pictures on Emma's site and it looked like such a wonderful day full of vintage treets and snuggly furs to keep warm in.


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