How To Be Alone

This video/song/poem really made my day, in fact I would say that watching this was the best 4 minutes of my day (ignoring the 4 chocolate digestives I just gorged).

I have always enjoyed spending time on my own; I know many others shy away from it. As a youngster I would often take walks through the copse of trees opposite my house, or wander around the village content with my own thoughts. I spent a lot of time in my room, scribbling away in my notebooks, or dancing around my room to my favourite cassette tapes, or reading a story to myself.

As an adult I have been travelling several times on my own. I guess I was single-minded enough to want to go exploring, so I just went. I enjoy getting lost in strange cities, striking up conversations with strangers and being alone with my thoughts. There’s never a dull moment in my mind.

I like this video because it reminds me how important it is to have time to myself – it gives me a chance to recharge, reflect and reshuffle my mind. It also allows me to explore and experience the world around me in a very personal way.

As much as I love the company of others, and I wouldn’t change my friends and family for the world, I do love to do a few things alone.

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I am a multi-award winning lifestyle blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. I want to share ideas on how to live a holistic positive life. This is about taking self-care seriously (but taking yourself with a good dose of humour). Because if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anybody else or the world around you. Rosalilium is about reclaiming self-centred-ness as a lifestyle choice that is honest, meaningful and kind to yourself. Making a change in the world starts with you.

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9 Responses

  1. HannahB

    I saw this recently too and loved it! but having been married for 5 years, and with someone for 4 years before that, it felt a bit odd to talk about being alone!

  2. Gorilla Bananas

    Do you like talking to yourself when you're alone? I love it, I really enjoy my company.

  3. Petite Annabel

    I agree with GB! I only hope that absolutely no one is able to hear me! 😉

  4. jane

    I officially love this video. Totally agree with you about alone time – Icouldnt do without it, and regularly. Just coming to the end of 10 weeks in Africa on my own and am a new convert to solo travel. Still, can't wait to see my pals when I get back!

  5. Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~

    i enjoy doing things on my own as well – gonna save this video to watch when i get home from work!!

  6. cb

    i love having my alone time, i get what i need accomplished and i am able to focus better too. i think it is soo important!


  7. Rachel at The Inspired

    There's something refreshing about this…I love alone time! I get to blog 🙂


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