Car Boot Finds Pt. 37

by Elizabeth Sellers on 10 October 2014 · 6 comments

Floral Pyrex Dish

It’s been far too long since my last thrifting trip. I’ve been trying to limit myself and save space at home. But quite frankly I miss the buzz of having a good weekly rummage around the local charity shops or car boot sales.

A couple of weeks ago, after the Pinterest Panel, the boyf and I popped over to Henley-on-Thames to spend the weekend with my Auntie. We had a wonderful weekend of chatting, wine, delicious food, lovely walks and a rather raucous game of Cards Against Humanity.

{I made a video of the weekend if you want to have a gander here.}


One of the first things I noticed about Henley-on-Thames, apart from being really pretty, is that there are loads of charity shops. And most of them with some pretty sweet gems to be had. If you like finding good quality clothes for bargain prices then Henley-on-Thames is the place to be.

pyrex dish

We managed to pick up a couple of pretty pyrex dishes to add to my growing collection. It’s almost hard to remember what exactly my pyrex collection looks like now as most of it is packed away. So I’m mindlessly adding to it here and there.

We also spent quite a bit of time in the indie record shop in Henley. It was filled to the brim with awesome records. We all picked a record each to go with our dinner party that evening – which was a fantastic idea. I picked a Youssou N’Dour album from the World Music section.

The boyf picked out a few records for himself – some William Orbit, Dave Burbeck and Santana.

All in all not a bad stash of vintage finds for around a tenner. Yey!


Speaking on the Pinterest Panel | Handmade Fair

by Elizabeth Sellers on 5 October 2014 · 4 comments

Speaking on the Pinterest PanelSpeaking on the Pinterest Panel_Handmade Fair

A couple of weeks ago I trotted down to London-ish to the beautiful Hampton Court Palace where I spoke on the Pinterest Panel at Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Fair. To say it was a frantic rush to get there on a Friday morning just around rush hour would be an understatement. Running through the field of a car park, dashing past security yelling “I’m on stage in 20 minutes” I managed to get to the Green Room at the Super Theatre just in time to get mic-ed up, have a bottle of water thrown in my hands and say a quick hello to Kirstie Allsop.

And then we were on! Myself along with Zoe from Craft Candy and Torie from Torie Jayne spoke to Lizzie from Pinterest UK about how we use Pinterest, what works for us, what we love as well as answering some questions from the audience. It was so much fun!

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London: Borough Market, Coffee and Sunsets

by Elizabeth Sellers on 30 September 2014 · 0 comments

London Outing

Back in August (oh my how was the over a month ago already?) we pottered down to London (again) to visit one of the boyf’s uni friends who was over from Asia and I got to hang with one of my old uni friends. It was a lovely, if somewhat long day. I always forget how easy it is to do ALL the walking when in London.

We enjoyed lots of food and atmosphere at the brilliant Borough Market. We wandered down to Maltby Street to grab coffee at the market there. We checked out some vintage and antique shops before walking up to Tower Bridge and walking along the Thames footpath. Then we got caught in the rain and hid in a pub for a couple of swift halves before grabbing a cab over to Shoreditch where we enjoyed another drink at the Commercial Tavern. Then we hotfooted it over to Whitechapel we got to stand in the queue for nearly 45 minutes just to get a curry. All that before jumping on a couple of tubes back to East Finchley and then driving back up the M1 to Milton Keynes.

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Brand New Blog Alert

by Elizabeth Sellers on 25 September 2014 · 0 comments

Awesome Wave

I’ve only just gone and launched a new blog! Yep. Not content with the huge workload on my desk at the moment I decided to add another blog to my belt.

But I’m so FREAKING excited about it.

You may remember a little while ago I was feeling a little disenfranchised with my blog and wasn’t sure where to go next. I received some wonderful feedback and support from you lovely folks. After that I spent some time pondering what I wanted to do next and after lots of discussions with the boyf and with a bit more pondering, I decided to start this beautiful new blog.

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London: Secret Tube Station / Goodbyes

by Elizabeth Sellers on 23 September 2014 · 0 comments


Well… what can I say … this past fortnight has been the most hectic EVER! I think I’ve clocked up over 1000 miles bobbing up and down the country. C-razy indeed.

Anyways … I made a few vlogs in August that have been languishing away on my hard drive for far too long. So as I’m currently holed up under the duvet today (body has given up to exhaustion, bleugh) I thought I’d use the opportunity to get editing.


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When Life Hands You Lemons

by Elizabeth Sellers on 18 September 2014 · 1 comment


In the past two weeks I have launched three new e-courses, travelled to Manchester and back twice, travelled to Lincolnshire and back, launched my (secret-but-probably-not-so-secret) new blog, and tried to maintain some level sanity. It’s been a crazy, crazy ride.

So here I am at 11.30am on a Thursday morning, tapping away on my laptop whilst still sat in my pyjamas.

Yeah, I’m rock’n’roll like that.

But I have been up since 7.30 working on my inbox, dealing with invoices, scheduling social media updates and all that general boring business shiz.

I’m rocking my pj’s still because I think I’ve deserved it.

Anyways… you don’t care too much about do you? You want to know where the hell I’ve been and why I’ve neglected one of my main loves, Rosalilium.

Here is a visual demonstration of what’s been happening.

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